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A Cold Christmas Story, 1808

Henry_Paget_modI’ve posted an excerpt from The Spanish Patriot that takes place on Christmas Eve, though few in the story know that is the date. It doesn’t exactly radiate the traditional “holiday spirit,” but if you need something a little sharp between all the season’s sweets, have at it. It’s on Wattpad, and should take only 8-10 minutes to read.

Lt Frederick Wakefield and his troop are on patrol, in the sleet and snow, trying to spy the French army, said to be nearby. The day before, his troop, part of the 15th Hussars, had surprised a cavalry outpost in Sahagún and sent them packing after a powerful charge led by Henry, Lord Paget. At right is a variation one of Paget’s many portraits at the National Portrait Gallery.

May the holidays bring joy and peace for all.

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