A Valentine, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Week!

Lunchbox.cover2.200Looking for a little something to get you in the mood? My short story, “The Lunchbox,” has just gone up over at Smashwords. It takes place on Valentine’s Day 2013, and was included last year in the book We LOVE New York: A Romance Anthology to Raise Funds for Hurricane Sandy Relief, so you can guess what one of the themes of the story is.

Here’s a little background on how I came up with the story:

My first memory of giving and getting valentines was in elementary school. They came in boxes of 24, with envelopes and everything. We each had to give everyone in class one, so no one would feel left out. I loved it — two dozen cards to open up! So when I was trying to come up with an idea for a Valentine’s-Day-themed story, my mind shuffled into those cobwebby school corridors in my memory. I wanted to do a story of kids who lost touch and meet again as adults.

Courtesy of the American Museum of American History
From the American Museum of American History

Then, on a trip into my day-job’s NY office, I caught sight of something else I treasured in my childhood — one of my old lunchboxes. If you’d asked me to recall it from memory I never could have, and if you’d told me I had a “popular girl” lunchbox I would have hotly denied it. But when I saw it in an exhibit at the New York Public Library’s main branch, the memories came rushing back. Sure it’s girlie, but it does have a game to play on the back, albeit an accursedly girlie game.

Now I had my characters, my hook, and my location. You can read the rest over at Smashwords. Happy V-Day!

[I’m not the only one to treasure this lunchbox–Over at The Big Dump Truck you’ll find a 2004 interview with a Campus Queen Lunchbox itself.]

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