Babysitting the Billionaire

20131201-184057.jpgA sexy contemporary novella from Evernight Publishing. Best to grab it there (you can get all e-formats separately or in a bundle); also available at All Romance eBooks, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookstrand, iTunes, Smashwords, and other fine etailers.

Reviewers say:

“I enjoy when the female lead does not back down from the male lead but gives as good as she gets.” —Long and Short Reviews

“I was snickering in some places and nearly in tears in a couple others.” —Nocturne Reviews

“Good read for a cold day by the fireplace.” —Manic Reviews

When the struggling Save-the-Penguins Foundation assigns shy graphic designer May Reed to shepherd its secret billionaire funder around town—and keep the paparazzi away from him—she thinks the job will be a cakewalk. But from the moment she meets cover-model-ready mogul Beau Kurck at the airport, she finds this “easy” assignment is anything but. Can she keep him under wraps when all she wants is to unwrap him herself?


He looked past her, to the clock on the wall. “Still an hour before they’ll bring us breakfast. You should go back to bed.”

She looked at him steadily. “My thoughts and feelings haven’t changed.”

Suddenly, all his attention was directed at her. Even his gaze alone could make her hot.

“Mine either.” He took the half-full glass from her hand and downed the rest of the juice.

“That’s mine.”

“Then come take it back.” He raised his eyebrows in clear challenge.

She rose to it. Scooping her hand up and over his belt, she pulled him close. Their lips met, their tongues, and it was last night all over again. Except better.

She tugged at his shirt, and it slipped free of his slacks. Finally, her palms touched skin, and she thrilled to the shiver they touched off in him.

His mouth possessed hers, and she gave him what he wanted, everything, willingly, wantonly. Excitement built behind her closed eyes and down her spine. Just kissing him made her wet.

He slid a palm over her hip, under the shirt of her pajamas, and her knees buckled. They sank slowly, him supporting her, to the plush carpet. The angle was wrong, and her mouth fell away from his.

His eyes were dark and large, his mouth so mobile, his breaths heavy. She’d done that. She smiled, despite her own heavy breathing.

“Miss Reed, might I show you my etchings? I have them there in my bedroom.”


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