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Celebrating books in Frederick

Had a great time this past Saturday at Frederick Book Festival. It was the first year of the festival, and we saw a solid turnout and great interest in local authors–especially romance authors! Many authors from Washington Romance Writers and Maryland Romance Writers were featured authors, and WRW even had its own tent, which I helped to staff. Here are me, Kimberly Kincaid and Sally Mackenzie “on station,” with Avery Flynn sneaking in there on the side.

Frederick book festival 2013, Washington Romance Writers, Nicky Penttila, Kimberly Kinkaid, Sally MacKenzieFrederick book festival 2013, Washington Romance Writers, Nicky PenttilaAll the swag and books on the tables around us were free, so we were quite enticing to the happy readers who had braved the threatening rain and chill of Frederick Fairgrounds. I gave out a couple dozen of my new excerpt booklets, and was especially glad to give one to a reader who had listened to our whole spiel during the “Meet the Washington Romance Writers” hour in one of the event tents. “The story sounds really interesting,” she said. Music to my ears. Here are all of us during the session, and below are the bundled-up stalwarts laughing and listening to our stories.

Frederick book festival 2013, Washington Romance Writers, panel session
From front left, Meredith BondKelly MaherBette McNicholas, Elisabeth StaabKimberly Kincaid, Christi Barth, Sally MacKenzieAvery Flynn, and me.

Frederick book festival 2013, Washington Romance Writers, panel session

2013-05-18 21.31.12aThis was my first book fest as a Published Author, and my first panel session. I was really nervous–at the end my knuckles were a little sore from wringing my hands–but it was much easier than I’d expected. I even managed to make people laugh!

My favorite overheard snippets of conversation at the fest:

  • “It’s zombies, but it’s not gross zombies.”
  • “It’s The Hangover, but in Regency England.”
  • “It’s more like a paranormal set in the Zombie universe.” (talking about a different book than the first one. Busy day for zombies!)

We handed out so many books, cards, bookmarks, and tasty treats, but I’m the most glad that people were interested in WRW’s Facebook-based book club, Washington Loves Romance. I hope they all join in and the discussions grow even better.

This is my favorite moment, everyone having about four simultaneous conversations about reading and writing, with the steampunkers getting ready in the next tent. Hope to see you next year!

Frederick book festival 2013, Washington Romance Writers, panel session

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  1. Franz Schneiderman wrote:

    Great job, and very fun to see the pictures…

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