Fresh face in Northern Calif politics

Like me, many of my journalist friends find themselves following a “non-traditional” path as the newspaper industry crumbles. Adriel Hampton, whom I worked with at the San Francisco Examiner (when it was owned by the Fangs), moved into government as an investigator for the city attorney’s office and now is on the vanguard of the Government 2.0/Social Media movement. And this week, he took a huge step into the public eye, declaring his candidacy for Congress in California’s 10th district.

Of course, he’s using new-media tools, announcing his candidacy on Twitter, networking on ning, blogging, and putting up videos on that invite us to video him back. I’m intrigued by that last one—I’ll be watching to see how many vid-comments he gets. His first one is 10 minutes long and gives a lot of his background as well as a chance to see his casual, informative communication style.

[direct link to video, if you want to comment]

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