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*** UPDATE: Thanks for all your votes, and especially your comments. See which design won on the book page for The Spanish Patriot. ***

I need your help! Which of these covers would make you most likely to pick up the book? These are ROUGH DRAFTS: We’ll smooth out transitions and can swap typefaces, anything. [click here to see much-bigger image]. 3-question survey below; be as brief or long as you wish. THANK YOU!!

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Need more? Here’s the story:

When the British army is sent into Spain to help expel Napoleon’s invaders, nothing goes as expected.

Not for London newsman Sam Kerr, hunting a story that will win him the editor’s chair, who instead nets one that could wreck his career.

Not for the Wakefield family, loyalist refugees from America seeking peace among people of their faith, who find war has followed them even here.

And certainly not for the British troops, whose mission of support turns into a run for all their lives.

Book release date: 3 November 2015

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