On the anniversary of Peterloo, a free read

Engraving by Richard Carlile.

A protest march in 2009 inspired me to find stories of protest with women participants from earlier days. For my novel An Untitled Lady, I settled on events during the summer of 1819 leading into the Peterloo massacre, on 16 August, for many reasons. It’s well-known, partly because newspaper correspondents were eyewitnesses–and among those arrested on the day. We have a record of witness testimony from people up and down the social strata, given during the trials that followed the protest. Especially interesting was the fact that women took many parts: as planners, as marchers, and as part of the speeches on the main platform.

See for yourself: I’ve clipped out a couple of chapters from the novel that describe the day of the march. This section is deep into the story, so you won’t know all the characters as well as the book’s readers, but I think you can still get the flavor of the day.

The excerpt is too long for this blog format, so I set it up as a PDF and also as flowing text on Wattpad. I hope you enjoy it, and remember, “Ye are many – they are few.”

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