Prelude to Peterloo: Reformers call a Meeting

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A REQUISITION having been presented to the Boroughreeve and Constables of Manchester, signed by above 700 Inhabitant Householders in a few hours, requesting them to call a PUBLIC MEETING “To consider the propriety of adopting the LEGAL and EFFECTUAL means of obtaining a REFORM in the Common House of Parliament” and they having declined to call such Meeting therefore the undersigned Requisitionists give NOTICE that a Public Meeting will be held, on the area, near St. Peter’s Church, for the above mentioned purpose, on Monday the 16th instant – the Chair to be taken by H. Hunt, Esq. at 12 o’clock.

Major Cartwright–Mr. Wooller–Mr. Pearson–Mr. Carlisle–Dr. Crompton–Edward Rushton–Mr. J. Smith–Mr. Thomas Smith–will be invited to attend this Meeting.

Manchester, 6th August, 1819

What happened on 16 August? The Peterloo massacre.

Image from Manchester Education Wide Area Network; see clippings reporting on the massacre there, too.

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