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A Cold Christmas Story, 1808

I’ve posted an excerpt from The Spanish Patriot that takes place on Christmas Eve, though few in the story know that is the date. It doesn’t exactly radiate the traditional “holiday spirit,” but if you need something a little sharp between all the season’s sweets, have at it. It’s on Wattpad, and should take only 8-10 minutes to […]

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Jolly old Saint Nick

I admit, I have a fondness for Saint Nick. Could be the name, or that the idea of him can bring happiness to freezing-snowy days. But how does he look to you? The Public Domain Review offers a panoply of images through the years. This is the picture that first comes to mind when I think […]

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The Last Stage available now—and free

My big historical novel, An Untitled Lady, releases on Dec. 20, but you can get a taste of the world of the story for free right now. [UPDATE Feb 2014: version now available (new cover) at Smashwords] The novel begins when Nash Quinn sees a mysterious lady waiting on the side of the road. Who is […]

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13 days of Free Reads begin at Musa (look for mine soon)

For its “Thirteen Days of Christmas,”  Musa Publishing will release free short stories starting today (Dec. 2). Some of the stories are prequels, some sequels, some another look at a familiar scene. All can be enjoyed on their own. Go today (Monday) and EVERY ebook is 50 percent off as well! My story in this […]

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