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2016 Peterloo remembrance an act of creation

Each year, people gather in Manchester to remember the massive gathering there on 16 August 1819, when a meeting to demand political change turned into a bloodbath when local militia and military cavalry attacked the unarmed crowd. Speakers read speeches of the day and the listing of those killed at the meeting, now called Peterloo, […]

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Prelude to Peterloo: Reformers call for peaceable assembly

FELLOW COUNTRYMEN: … The eyes of all England, nay, of all Europe, are fixed upon you: and every friend of real Reform and of rational Liberty, is tremblingly alive to the result of your Meeting on Monday next. OUR ENEMIES will seek every opportunity by the means of their sanguinary agents to excite a RIOT, […]

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Prelude to Peterloo: Reformers call a Meeting

[First paragraphs] Manchester PUBLIC MEETING. A REQUISITION having been presented to the Boroughreeve and Constables of Manchester, signed by above 700 Inhabitant Householders in a few hours, requesting them to call a PUBLIC MEETING “To consider the propriety of adopting the LEGAL and EFFECTUAL means of obtaining a REFORM in the Common House of Parliament” […]

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