Some fly to war. Some flee it. No one is safe.

The Spanish Patriot: A Novel of Corunna 1809

eBook and paperback available at Amazon. Audiobook at Audible, too.

When the British army is sent into Spain to help expel Napoleon’s invaders, nothing goes as expected.

Not for London newsman Sam Kerr, hunting a story that will win him the editor’s chair, who instead nets one that could wreck his career.

Not for the Wakefield family, Loyalist refugees from America seeking peace among people of their faith, who find war has followed them even here.

And certainly not for the British troops, whose mission of support turns into a fight for all their lives.

Available exclusively from Amazon and Audible until Nov.1. Or order an autographed paperback copy. Read an excerpt — or listen: 

Spanish Patriot audio excerpt     

Praise for Penttila’s An Untitled Lady:

A young woman struggles to reconcile a tragic past and an uncertain future in a city on the brink of revolt. A novel of Peterloo.

AUL-20150301-1a-100Wow! This book was amazing. It was like reading North & South by Gaskell all over again. The characters, the ambience, the fear, it all has that wonderful feeling that I thought I’d never experience again outside of Gaskell’s work, but Nicky Penttila has just blown me away. It moved me to tears, and frustrated me, and scared me. And I loved every minute of it! — Goodreads

“The writing is wonderful. Great descriptions, great dialogue and a lot of real people and places sprinkled in to bring it alive.”


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